Revolution Season 2 Episode 1

I was excited to discover last night that season 2 of Revolution was starting on sky 1, they must not have advertised it that well as i had no idea it was coming… Continue reading

Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks ‘Dark Knight Rises’ ending

“It’s pretty awesome, right?” says JGL about his characters big reveal at the end of the film no doubt. He goes on to praise Christopher Nolan “I was a fan of those movies… Continue reading

First poster and synopsis for Arnie’s The Last Stand

The Last Stand is going to be Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first full film on his return back to the industry apart from his appearance in Expendables 2 that is. Not much has been revealed… Continue reading

Gritty Victorian London

With our fast modern pace of life we often forget what life used to be like a long time ago. Take London for example with all eyes on us for the 2012 Olympics… Continue reading

Clint Eastwood in talks for ‘Expendables 3’

With Expendables 2 out this week, there is already discussion about an Expendables 3. Producer Avi Lerner has said he is in talks with some of the biggest names in cinema for the third installment.… Continue reading

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ deleted scene explains Bane’s backstory

Clocking in a whopping 164 minutes of run time it is understandable some scenes had to be cut from Christopher Nolan’s last instalment of his batman series The Dark Knight Rises. One of… Continue reading

First Colour Picture From Mars

The Rover Curiosity has sent back the first colour photo from the red planet. It is an extremely hazy image as the lens cover was covered In dust upon entry to the planet.… Continue reading

The Land of Fire and Ice

Amazing images from Photographer SigurĂ°ur Stefnisson, in the land of fire and ice where volcanoes and the Northern Lights are almost a daily part of life. Take a look at his amazing work… Continue reading

Nasa’s Curiosity Rover Lands On Mars and Sends Back First Photo’s

After making the journy of eight-and-a-half months and 352 million miles finally Nasa’s Curiosity Rover touches down on the Martian planet. The high-tech craft hit the top of the Martian atmosphere at 13,000mph,… Continue reading

Ted Full Review

Seth MacFarlane’s first debut on the big screen and i got to say it wasn’t a disappointment. Full of Laughs the whole way, and not just little chuckles, big belly hurting laughs! Seth… Continue reading